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Deep-dive on the Friends & Family Funding Round!

We're explain what it takes to raise money from your friends & family, including some of the common methods & legal documents used, sharing examples!


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Monthly Virtual Water Coolers 2022 

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Entrepreneurs don't have a lot of time so we're developing a series of short 2-hour programs that will give you important information from peers and experts and leave you time to ask questions and do networking. These programs will be offered throughout the Metro-New York-New Jersey and Connecticut area.


We've launched our 2-4 hour workshops on Idea Generation for Your New Startup, Raising the Friends & Family Round and Developing a Fundable Business Model. Stay tuned for new dates, times and locations.


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Topics covered include:


  • Why it's great to have your own company (or non-profit)
  • Challenges in getting partners to join the team
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Simplifying legalese (contracts)
  • Forecasting sales for your P&L
  • Sales tips that lead to closing deals
  • Planning for a multi-generational team
  • Technology tips for running your company
  • Fundraising options
  • Networking basics
Upcoming Events: