August 30 comments: 


"A much appreciated inspiration - an inside view of what being an entrepreneur is all about."
- Bonnie Halpern, Halpern Marketing


"I was pleasantly surprised by the world class, yet "down to earth" panelists. The advice shared and wisdom  gained was excellent! This was an outstanding event providing thorough guidance."
- Esteban Rodriguez


August 2 comments: 


"As a stage 2 entrepreneur, I found this session to be extremely informative.  The panelists provided useful insights and it was great to be able to meet and mingle with other entrepreneurs from the New York City area. I think one key benefit was that it was a smaller space and group - I felt I had a real opportunity to meet and talk with people."
-Emelie Calbick, CMO  -

"If you are an entrepreneur - or aspiring to become one - the Stage2Startups Event is the right place to go for several reasons: the quality of the speakers, the knowledge you get about how to grow your business and the capability to create a network to support you. Everyone is committed to your success.  For sure I will participate in the next one!"
-Felipe Marinho -cofounder  -